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On a Nice Summer Day...

December 12, 2007
By Anonymous

On a nice summer day a girl named Sue went out to her garden.Her best friend Maryann was already there.Maryann and Sue planted lilies.Sue said,"it's nice to help the enviroment." Maryann agreed.The next day the planted trees. Sue noticed cars coming by."You know Maryann,people come by poluting everyday," said Sue.
The enviroment is very important to them.Poluters aren't making their work any better.They didn't give up though.Everyday in spring and summer they planted flowers,grass,and trees.Every night before they went to bed they talked about what to plant the next day.
Two summers later,the garden wasn't there.It was turned into a dump.That didn't stop them though.They built a new garden.No matter what Sue and Maryann will fight for what they believe in.Sue and Maryann always had faith in the enviroment.They always thought people will stop driving and start riding bikes.
They had fought for everything they believed in.Even when they turned 16.When they had kids they taught them to fight for what they believed in.Then Sue and Maryanns kids taught their kids the same thing.It went from generation to generation.And they never quit.
My very important point is to fight for what you believe in no matter what happens.And don't give up even if you want to.My story may have been fiction but it cames up with a very real point.So fight for what you believe in.If you win or not doesn't really count.What counts is you actully fought for it.So don't give up.

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