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The Magic of Young Minds

May 13, 2008
By Anonymous

What is a way to solve our environmental problems you ask? Well there is one main way that I believe will, and can work. My plan all depends on young minds. My plan it to get more, and more teenagers together over earth related problems, because in reality, we will be deciding the future of the earth, we are the ones in the future who will be faced with the problems of global warming, and pollution.

Today, many teenagers don't take global warming, over population, or pollution seriously. I see around my town, garbage thrown, destroying of the environment, and simply not caring. I think the best way to change what is occurring is to get younger generations to also come together, and be educated by whats happening to our earth, and deciding as one, what to do about it. The more minds we have, the more of the chance change will happen. Together, generations after generations can learn and take action of the problems that our earth in undergoing. I believe that our best chance to change the earth is by getting young people together, because the more people we have, the greater the difference we can make.

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