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Bicycle Idea

May 28, 2008
By Anonymous

Ride a bicycle - save money and environment. Environment is a huge topic these days and every single one of us should consider some life style changes. I don’t want anybody to start listening to religious music or wear different clothes. However, in environmental way we could change the way we travel; the way we could save the energy, money, and even our lives. About 115 people die every day in vehicle crashes in the United States. Wow! This is very interesting but also very shocking. Would it be better if everyone just grabbed a bicycle and travel way much safer? Driving a car requires gasoline, which is very expensive at this time. Cars pollute the air by burning gasoline, increasing global warming, which is a big issue. The bicycle does not require gasoline, but only human strength that everyone has enough to move with a bicycle; it is healthy for you and for our planet. Bicycles are also inexpensive and it is easier to store them. Just think how many cars can fit on a street you live and how many bikes could fit. It is the time to make a difference and you should start thinking about it, now.

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