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The Energy Crisis

July 12, 2008
By Anonymous

I think the world is much too dependent on fossil fuels. The oil companies should not be spending money on better ways to get petroleum, but better ways to not use petroleum.

There are many other resources we can use such as wind and solar energy.
Then there are not so common resources, like geothermal that uses underground heat to create steam that turns turbines on a generator. Then there are "snakes" (obviously not REAL snakes) that are placed in the ocean's waves, generating electricity from the motion of the waves. And lastly automobile companies should invest more time and money in alternate fuel technology, such as ethanol or hydrogen fuel cells.

But the responsibility does not only rest on the energy companies shoulders. Part of this lies with the people. We need to be more energy efficient, like turning off a light here or there when not in use, and other things like buying energy efficient light bulbs, appliances, and investing in solar panels and wind turbines for home power. Riding motorcycles or scooters greatly reduce emissions as they get 50-80 MPG. To get through this we have to work together and develop more and more efficient ways of meeting our ever growing energy needs.

The author's comments:
I am only a 14 year old that doesn't have much of a say in how things work in this world of ours, but I am very dedicated to getting through this energy crisis. I write this article to persuade the reader to be more energy savvy, and save electricity whenever you can, and use petroleum only when you really need to. I hope you enjoy this article and gain some insight from it.

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