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Why the world feels numb

October 10, 2008
By Anonymous

Our world has been here for about 4.5 billions years old. When the earth first started god put creatures on the planet. The earth was rich and beautiful. Grass lands surrounded everywhere. When time moved on, people started using gas,cars,oil,ships and building houses and factories. Doin all this to the earth is making the earth numb. Human beings are destroying the planet by overdosing the earth with drugs (oil,gas,pollution). Mother nature and god decided to put those things on earth because they both thought we would do good things with the gift.
Nevertheless we create things that we DO NOT NEED. for example: go carts, 4wheelers, dirt bikes, seadoos and dune buggies. They are just for our own bennifit. They use up gas and gas pollutes our air and the earth. Global Warming is happening because we have betrayed the earth. The earth is paying us back for what we have done to it.
If we used solar power electricity, and solar power cars the earth would be a safer, cleaner, and more richer place. I beleive that one day people will realize what we are doing to our environment by cutting down rainforests (which supply oxygen to humans) recycling our waste.

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