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Saving My Forest

October 14, 2008
By Anonymous

In Dan Kiley words "Man is nature as much as the trees." I like this quote because it tells you anything or anyone should be treated the same in this world and not be seen differently. If I was in charge of Idaho forest I would focus on saving the forest.

First, I would make sure my forest is clean and nobody is littering all over the place. Nobody should litter anywhere it would effect the pollution and ruin our world. Making sure people aren’t cutting down so many trees and not wasting any paper. I would be making sure everyone who went through the forest is cleaning after themselves. Not throwing anything on the ground or destroying the bark and/or pulling the branches off the trees.

Then, I would try to make a campaign for ask everybody to recycle paper, cans, and anything else so they can keep using it and waste anything that is important that we need. If we have no trees we would have no clean oxygen. When you cut down a tree you’re destroying an animal’s home. So we shouldn’t cut down so many trees. I would put a limit of cutting down trees if I was old enough.
Last, thing is fire safety. When it is summer the weather gets really and when it gets really humid the trees will burn down and affect our air and nasty smoke goes up in the air and if there is no trees what will clean that nasty smoke? See if we cut down so many trees we would have nasty air going through us when we breathe in and out. So let’s not cut down so many trees and waste any paper and making sure no fire goes through our forest wildlife.

So if I was in charge of our Idaho Forest Wildlife, I would do all this stuff to make sure we live in a safe and clean world. So take a risk and clean, recycle, and help your forest!

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