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What I would do to save the forests

October 14, 2008
By Anonymous

This paper will discuss the major ways that I would help make our national forests better. That includes making it cleaner and nicer. I think that the best way to manage Idaho forests is through conservation.
First of all, I would have a forest clean-up every once in a while. I would get as many volunteers that I can and have some of my employees do it too. That way, everybody would have a nice, clean forest to camp in and hunt. I also would have a time frame where hunters cannot hunt to try to save more animals and if there is only a little bit of one animal, I would have a ban on killing them so they don’t go extinct.
Second, I would have a cut one plant one law so there will actually be trees left to clean our air and give us oxygen. I would also have a cutting law that would only let people cut down trees every couple months so that will conserve some trees too. Having trees are important because they give off oxygen.
Lastly, I would limit the use of paper. I would get a bunch of computers at schools because every school uses thousands of pieces of paper a month and that is very bad. If everybody used 8 pieces of paper a day, that would be 8,000 pieces of paper a day! And if everybody had computers in at least half their classes, that would be only about 4,000 pieces of paper. That is still bad, but not near as bad as 8,000! That is why I would try to reduce the amount of paper and save a bunch of trees.
Why is keeping your forests nice and clean important? I think it is because it’s way prettier and fuller of life. It’s also cleaner because of the clean-up, and if we don’t keep it clean, our forests would be a mess. And there are also more trees because of more recycling in schools and the cut one plant one policy.

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