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An Unexpected Day Has Arose

February 12, 2008
By Anonymous

An unexpected day has arose


Thunder strikes our sky


Our oceans start to dry

Fire takes to the fields from a much too hot sun

With disaster everywhere you look, there’s no where to run

Our children cry

Our loved ones die




Our cities are now run by fear.

Could the inevitable end be near?

Come night

The moon finally arises

Not a star in the night

For the silence was right

In a moments time, everything comes to an end

Faster then it all began

Not even a speck of sand remains in this once great land.

But even louder then silence, comes a song

an age has ended.

but not for long.

Just around the corner is a brand new day.

with everything that is lost

Something’s stay.

Soon a broken world will once again mend.

But at least for us

this is the end.

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