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The Long Drive Home

November 13, 2008
By Anonymous

With the wind softly blowing in my face and no music on, I like driving in my car on the way home from school on a nice autumn day. I like to explore the uniqueness of autumn. I pay attention to the way the road turns and curves and how everything seems natural and pretty. Looking around I can see open fields with scattered, grazing horses and once bright green trees that are just now starting their transformation into soft browns and oranges. With my windows down, I am over come with sensational smells, leaves burning, fresh cut grass, and the way you can smell the dew still fresh in the air from the early morning. It is like the smell curls around your nose with this enchanting dance of must and freshness until you are in a deep relaxation. I am hearing nature at its best as I pull into Cool Creek, with the serene whispers of birds and the sweet sound of absolutely nothing but the way things should be.

As I am making my journey through the park I can not help but notice the beauty of how it is tucked away in the middle of such a busy place. The road is narrow and has a lot of turns, the trees tower over me like I am just an ant walking through the grass. As I pull up to a parking spot, I decide to stop my car and turn off my engine to not disrupt what I hear as I sit on one of the shelters benches. There are trees all around me that are rustling in the soft August wind. I can not help myself, I sit gazing at what is around me.
A trickling creek with birds chirping in the canopies, there are no people and no distractions, just me and nature. I lay down near by in the soft spoken grass that whispers to me as my mind races, staring at the blue sky that is beginning to be engulfed by darkness. This is nature’s cue to me; it is now time to leave to park now and journey on home. As I am driving the narrow roads out of the park I see a deer, motionless and frightened. We both sit and stare at one another, just for a moment and then the deer takes off.

Out of the park, I take some back roads home and see all of the browning corn that was once full of life. Further down the road I see someone mowing the grass, I roll down my wind and can smell the sharp smell of the pollen. I am now entering my neighborhood and see little kids riding bikes. I am not sure if they can see what I see, but they are all so happy to be outside. Most of them have sweaters on now since the hot sun is now fading into darkness. I pull into my driveway and get out of the car. I pause before I enter my house and can not wait to take another long drive home.

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