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Healthy Brain in a Healthy body

October 12, 2020
By Anonymous

Healthy brain are connected with a healthy body that’s why it’s said that health is wealth healthy body produce healthy brain so that brain can be able to take initiative and produce new ideas brain is important part of human body.

As long as we have a healthy brain we can live good live everybody will like you healthy brain supports others, do needful activity healthy brain can create better life so that we can live better do better and think better for itself and others. Unhealthy can’t live good life even though unhealthy body will not contribute in any productive,specially in current COVID-19 outbreak circumstances people making sick unhealthy brain must be weak your immune system Because of your immune system unable to fight against virus people who have unhealthy brain can’t support their family.

Most of the people inthis world are unable to use maximum capacity of mind its figure around 97% only Eien Estain wasth person who used 13%  of his mind capacity in this planet since then no one can be abel to use their mind 13%.

In addition late 18th century and early 19th  century so many nephroligist had worked a lot on it How mind works and how can we improve it health by using diets and activity now 1st world countries has already been included a subject in Montesori level because of this initiative they are creating professional players and scientist first they find out the ability and interest of any childhood initial stage and then student send to the related class after that mentor start working in his strength finally when he leaves high school they work with the healthy mind set.

Healthy brain in a healthy body both are very important and vital part of human life if mind not work according to the requirements then people might goes into mentaldisorder, both parts of body vitally important each other,without these ability we can’t contribute anything in this society in absence of anyone, if you want to establish better society so goverment should build institute where people can grow their brain capability work on brain storming and increasing brain power.

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