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The People I Prefer Not to Know

November 26, 2007
By Anonymous

They thought they were cool getting high after school. They met some people that were pretending to be a good friend, they said I’ll introduce you to Miss Heroin but don’t forget the pot it’s the best of all even though it makes your teeth rot. Their little friend said ill tell you once and then let you go let me tell you how it is when you’re hooked on me. For ill play some games then send you straight to your grave. Your friends and family aren’t ganna like you there ganna think you a disgrace and nothing can help your addiction to my dirty little waste. Your start one afternoon and never stop again for I am ganna be here living in your head And once I have entered deep down in your vein, The craving for me will drive you insane. You'll waste tons of money, You get black teeth, Your breath starts to stink, And nobody wants to be around you, just sitting back and having a smoke thinking everything is a whole big joke well I have tell you that One day you’ll realize the monster you’ve grown, you’ll try to leave and puss me away but I’m only ganna come back just to get deeper in your vein I’m like a boomerang. I then when I’m there I’m never leaving I’ll be they until your old and gray and pass away very shortly after that day….So before your start I have to say don’t think twice just say no because the ones who do we’ll those are the people I prefer not to know!!!

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nonelse said...
on Nov. 2 2008 at 11:40 pm
i really liked this, but it would be better if it was acctually in a poetic form rather then a rhyming paragraph...