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February 6, 2008
By Anonymous

Many people belive that they can't get cancer. They think that only 'other peopole' can get stuff like cancer. Well, they could never be any more wrong. People also think if they get cancer their going to die. That's not always true, if it was I wouldn't be here typing this right now.
I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lynphona. It has a really high cure rate so the chances of me ever dieing were very slim.
All my experinces as a cancer patient weren't all bad. Sure, there was having to go through chemo, but I met a lot of people during those months. Now, I see that every people who goes to the Jimmy Fund Clinic as a brother or sister. Many there feel the same way.
We all understand what the other has gone through, and can relate to each other.
I also found out who my real friends were at school. My true firends didn't treat me any differently, other were only kind out of sympathy.
Even though those times were rough, I still wouldn't regret going through them. I have some really good memories thanks to me being diagnosed.
I guess all I can really say is I'm proud to be a Jimmy Kid

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