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yummy good

January 10, 2009
By Anonymous

Are you healthy? If or If not you can never be sure so if you want to be healthy keep reading

fruity goodness
did you know red and black grapes are healthier then green and white grapes. 3 out of 25 kids like oranges more then apples the other 22 like apples more then oranges but Rebecca bunton a nurse at Maine med.
Said” Asian pears
Are sweet but it is very health.” What do you like?

What’s popping with protein

Did you know honey BBQ chicken sandwiches are healthier the fried chicken. 9 kids like chicken 10 like beef 6 like rids. Rebecca bunton thinks” chicken taste better then beef because it’s grease.” What do you think?
grossly greasy
I was not shocked that
Burgers use tones and tones of grease in fast food restraints but I was shocked that they use tons of tons of chemicals in smoothies.15 kids like fast food whale 10 don’t . Rebecca bunton says” fast food taste to grease to taste good and cause obesity ”
So are you healthy have you been eating the right thing if not you should start
It’s never to late to eat like a pro sports athlete.

The author's comments:
while i'm in my school i see all this junk food and kid in my school have health problems becouse of it and it Breaks my heart to see so many kids with health problems because of it

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Hello there. First off, let me just say that I agree with your points about how unhealthy it all is and I think that you have a good basic outline for an essay. However, this piece has many grammatical errors, many of which look very easy to fix. For example, 'Rebecca bunton a nurse at Maine med. Said" Asian pears are sweet but it is very health." In that sentence, there are many errors that you could probably pick out just from reading it over. Again, I think that this article has a very good idea, but for it to be taken seriously, it needs to undergo major editing and reorganization.