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A Monthly Gift that Woman Desire

March 24, 2017
By missthalia BRONZE, Sacramento, California
missthalia BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Being a woman is such a wonderful thing when getting your monthly gift. It is the best three to seven days of any woman's life. Experiencing abdominal pain, mood swings, cravings, bloating, back pain, and acne is a choice that any women wants. Especially when buying feminine hygiene which is super cheap.

Buying pads and tampons every month for three to seven days is totally not expensive, the “average woman spends about $120 per year on pads and tampons.” (Women spend hundreds of extra dollars). Not to mention when having cravings or pain that needs to be relief or satisfied can add up the cost. “Each woman spends approximately $5,600 on her period over her lifetime.”

(Women spend hundreds of extra dollars). Which is totally our choice to have periods and spend money on tampons/pads that are taxed.

Taxing feminine hygiene is not a necessity which is why it should be taxed because us women can control our periods. By stopping periods, women must close their eyes and say “I will not get my period today,” and the period will magically not come.

Without tampons/pads, women on their period can do any activity without having to worry about anything. Being on your period feels “luxurious, extremely comfortable, elegant, and enjoyable.” (Stop Taxing me for being a Woman). In the graph below it shows how much women love having taxed feminine hygiene, but it also shows how much women who hate taxed feminine hygiene.

As a woman myself, I do love having to pay tax on luxurious feminine hygiene. Which is not even a necessity. I chose to get my monthly gift and I know how to control it. As for men, they do not have to go through any pain or get taxed on luxurious feminine hygiene that is not a necessity. Some men believe “women should control their bladders instead of getting tax free tampons.” (Women should control Bladder). Which I agree with this statement.

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