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Letter to the Editor

October 31, 2019
By despacitosashaman BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
despacitosashaman BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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The article that I selected was George and the Blue Moon, by Lucy and Stephen Hawking. The book talks about two friends, George and Annie, and how they attend a space camp to attened training to go to Mars. The book is a science fiction book meant for children. I believe that the reviewer who reviewed this book did a very poor job on writing their review.

      For starters, the reviewer, Jonathon Hammond, puts a lot of bias in the review. For example, he starts off by saying, "For someone so famous, I excpected Stephen Hawking to have written a better book." Jonathon believes that just because someone is famous and well known for a completely different form of academic study, they have to write a good book. Another thing that he did that was negative in my opinion was include a perspective from the incorrect point of view. The book is a sci-fi childrens book, meaning it's meant for little kids. However, Jonathon reviews the book from the teenager's perspective, giving the reader a false sense of the book. One last thing that I believe he did bad on was not realizing the genre. To show what I mean, Jonathon says, "The book is too unbelievable for this century. For example, the scientist father has a computer with a space portal." The book is science fiction, which means that the book has many fictional elements, such as the computer with the space portal. My guess is that Jonathon couldn't think of any legitamate reasons as to why the book was bad, and came up with ad fillers/substitutes to lengthen the review. This is why I believe that the review is poorly written.

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