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October 31, 2019
By MayaWong BRONZE, New York, New York
MayaWong BRONZE, New York, New York
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The article "I Am Autistic" by Chloe Anderson is a beautiful piece that brings awareness to people with autism. In the article, Chloe sheds light onto the fact that people with autism aren't crazy, they are normal human beings that tend to be extremely excited about certain things. She shows that people with autism are just like anyone else with extreme personalities. Chloe talks about how when she acts on her impulses, she feels free. These random things that she wants to do, for example, flapping her arms, give her joy. This piece is refreshing to me because it is about how people with autism should be treated just as other people woule be at their age because they are people too. It helped me to understand more about autism as well.

I believe this peice can help change minds about who people with autism are. People without autism usually jsut categorize autistic people as insane, but this article can help people realize that people with autism are human too. This is very good for improvement on peoples' mindsets and may help the world become a better place for people with autism. Chloe said in the piece, "When I do things like this, when I am my autistic self, I feel free." She shows people that she is not ashamed of being autistic and that it brings her joy. This could be inspiring to others with autism to be proud of themselves. It could show them that they don't have to be ashamed and that they should really be proud. It is truly amazing that people can judge a person by how they act the first time they meet them and this article shows that people with autism should be just as proud of who they are as anybody else should.

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