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December 30, 2009
By my.WEN BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
my.WEN BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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Upon receiving my copy of Teen Ink, “Modern Patriotism” by Scott O. caught my eye immediately. Scott has definitely made note of some things that are common in our generation. I also noticed that he is someone who really has his heart devoted to America.

However, I do not agree with everything Scott said. In my opinion, he came across a bit too defensive of America, as if he were sugarcoating it. He is right that America shouldn't be punished as a whole due to the recklessness of some politicians. However, he is wrong in implying that America should be complimented as a whole because of the achievements of one person. America is a place where many great inventions and freedoms were born – but not the reason why.

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