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Standing Up

January 20, 2011
By LDee. SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
LDee. SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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Like Caitlyn says "...never let a guy boss me around." in her article Standing Up, I myslef agree to her impecable confidence and the way she handled the situation. The guy should of never,in his right mind, laid a hand on her and insulted her as being ugly,for beauty is from within. She isn't alone and there are plenty of girls out there whp receive just as brutal words and attacks like her. Numerous women suffer from abuse whether it be from a husband or even a boyfriend. Women weren't made to be a men's punching bag. Society illustrates how women die or committ crimes due to their low tolerance and insecurities, so they turn to violence. I strongly agree that now man shall ever go as low to physically hit a woman with intentions of making her hurt. Hopefully this opens the eyes to many girls to know what they are worth and that no guy will ever be worth any type of pain or sufferage.

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