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School Uniforms

December 11, 2014
By Bridget12 BRONZE, Voorhees, New Jersey
Bridget12 BRONZE, Voorhees, New Jersey
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Parents are always taking about how when they were kids they had uniforms and it made things so much easier. To tell you the truth it is. It not only helps people to focus more on school work. Plus people always judge people for what kind of clothes there wearing. She is wearing a LuLu Lemon headband she is cool she can sit with us, he is wearing jeans instead of Nike he can't sit with us. If people wore uniforms maybe kids wouldn't judge a book by it's cover, in other words look for what is inside it's the only thing that matters.And for the girl that still want to be there usually fashionista all it means is a new challenge. Because honestly the world needs a change, and this could be where it starts.

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Well I was actually reading someone else's article about how there shouldn't be any uniforms. They were saying that clothes make use creative and unique but it is only on the inside that matters.

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