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Fifteen year old kid's advice

September 1, 2007
By Anonymous

Never reading the magazine i have no idea if this will be on the lines of what they usually publish.Frankly,i don't care if it gets in the magazine or not. I am not a fan of cliche ,or the media,I love music,and i hate abercrombie,i love peace and i hate war.Now,that you know me in a nutshell,we can begin.I am simply enough a usual "all-knowing" sophomore in high school,any adults reading this know what i am talking about.I at age fifteen believe i know enough about life to write my advice.Still reading?Good.I recently read the editorial "Wear Sunscreen" by the Chicago writer Mary Schmich.If you read anything this lifetime,i highly encourage that be it.That piece inspired me to write this,what i believe everyone should know,or realize,or come to face with.I'll begin with the answers to life by a fifteen year old boy. Laugh.Even if its yourself to which your laughing.Make up songs everyday.Get to know a stranger.Love.Go on a solitary road trip.Don't worry about your appearance,any person who cares very deeply about looks isn't worth a second of anyones time. Dance.Accept criticism,then neglect it.Give more compliments then insults.Have more Friends then enemys.Get to know your family and neighbors.Talk to your parents about your childhood.Visit a "haunted" house.Travel to a different country.Live an entire week with no time,no clock,no schedule.Run in your own sprinklers,this applies to all ages.Lay on your back and look at the stars.Dream.Do no fear anything.Speak when you feel suit.Sleep with the window open.Enjoy every last moment.Learn that there is no tomorrow.Eat more Fruit.Blare rock music at least once.Do not regret anything.Thats it,that is all a fifteen year old kid writing a short piece can say about life.I'll end this extremely useless piece with Mary's own words,"Do one thing everyday that scares you" Michael Andrew Reynolds

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