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I Do Percieve

September 21, 2007
By Anonymous

I Do Percieve
It is hard for some people to understand that there is a somewhat greater being than man himself. This is true, there was a "creator" of everything created of course that is over man. Most peple will say there was a phenominon or wome strange unethical blast that created everything. I do percieve that there is a creator, that there is something watching over us that makes us and that we must come to understand this truth. When this happens the world might possibly be a better place in the hope that love and sometimes what we percieve is greater than what we want to believe or what we have come to understand. It has been understood that what has createed us that in the blink of an eye can be taken away in a way that some people don't understand or somewhat believe. What we percieve can be much farther sought after. Knowledge will be much hoped for and false love will be taken as the truth. Hopefully in time some people will understand what has been written here and be put into motion or belief. the truth is, my reader is that I Do Percieve. Hopefully reader i hope that someday you will make your on thoughts and files of writing but as for the time being as you read this and possibly others, i hope that you will spread this and other messages that you have found to others that need help or want something to base truths upon.

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