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Positives from Negatives

September 24, 2007
By Anonymous

Throughout the time that I was given so far in my short,little, unplanned life, I have learned a lot of positive that had came from negative situations. Waking up with a smile on my face, is not always the easiest thing to do, when curve balls are being thrown at me. I have learned that although some things in life, aren't easily dealt with, I have to buck up and deal with them. I have recently just recovered from my second ACL reconstruction. I had to learn responsibility and the concept of hard work. I was taught through all the hard work, that If I want something bad enough, I'll be willing to work for it. Not only could I use that within my recovery, but I can use that fact in everyday life just to keep me moving. When things do not go the way they were originally planned to go, I realized I can't sit down and give up on it. I noticed I have to stand up, and keeping walking through the brick walls, even if that means taking another direction in life, just to get through. Being positive doesn't only help me through those walls, but being positive makes my heart warmer, my hands stronger, and my smile stiffer. I'll always take the positive out of a negative situation and use it for the future that is ahead of me. Although I don't know what it's filled of, I am sure I could make something of what is given to me, and what is given to me, is time to make the best of my life.

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