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Counselors in Training

September 24, 2007
By Anonymous

The Green C.I.T shirts told our story; they told how every day we were together. How every day the seven of us wasted our summers on one another but mostly of how we were best friends. The summer came slowly the year of 2006, it seemed as if it would never come, everything seems that way when you’re waiting, and boy were we waiting. Finally summer had come and it was time for camp; this was the first year we weren’t campers. We had graduated to the position of C.I.Ts also known as Counselors in Training. Being a Counselor in Training meant that we were going to get picked on all summer for doing so much work, if not more than the counselors and not be paid for it. That’s the summer I turned into a first grader; I played What Time Is It Mr. Fox and did arts and crafts. My days were taken over by
Cheetos©, freeze pops and my favorite freeze dance.
I barely saw anyone other than those seven and the kids at camp and sometimes I wondered it I ever wanted to. As gossip and scandals blew through Manchester I was too busy playing Down by the Bank or Duck, Duck, Goose. That summer seemed to go by faster than other summers. Most things do when you never want them to end. The days grew longer and a chill fell over the little town of Essex, it was clear that summer had ended. Our bubble began to pop, as we were re-introduced to being teenagers. I rarely eat freeze pops anymore and no one seems to care enough to play Duck, Duck, Goose. I came down from the high of being a first grader. Only those seven understood. That school year of 2006-2007 was unbearable as we all patiently waited for camp. This year we would be counselors, and once again I would regain my innocence and spend my days, as many should, with friends and first graders.

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