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November 8, 2007
By Anonymous

It was my first day of soccer practice. Seeing that I play travel soccer we had practice at an indoor soccerplex called Afrims. While we were waiting for our coach to come over we were talking, passing the ball around and taking shots on goal. During that time I noticed I wasn't familiar with every face. One of those faces stood out like yellow in a pack of red. So when our coach called us over we all introduced ourselves and I came to find that the yellow face I was so interested in was Laurie.
By the next game Laurie and I had known each other a little bit better. Then we started talking about where we lived and we realized that Laurie’s grandmother lived right across the street from me in the cute little white house with her 13 year old dog Mimi.
After the game when I got home I looked across the street and I saw Laurie sand her mom pulling into her grandmothers driveway. Laurie looked over and saw me and gave me a signal to come over. While I was there I met her grandmother, and a bunch of her other relatives. Her grandmother has short curly gray hair, and is one of the nicest people I have met in my life. Soon it was time for Laurie to go after we had our social hour with her relatives and grandmother. So I ran across the street to my house.
The next day Laurie called me and asked me if I would like to come over. So my mom drove me over and when i got there Laurie introduced me to her brothers Chris and Al, her parents, her three cats, Boris, Zoey and Burger Meister or Burgy for short. Zoey is gray and white, Boris is tiger colors and huge, and Burgy is black and white with the softest fur. Then she introduced to me to her dogs, Winnie and Jessie. They are both brown and white boxers. You can't forget Buddy, their neighbors dog who is a Golden Retriever who is over there almost 24-7. Later on, after we were done playing with the animals, we headed over to the pond with Buddy. We would throw a stick into the pond and Buddy would run after it. Then we would wait for him to get close to the edge of the water and then we would run away from him to try and not get water on us when he shook off. That was lots of fun! Then we rode off to one of the tree forts which her Dad had built. It was white with red window trim. At the time her Dad was still working on it so there was only one way to get up there. You would have to use the wall of the tree fort to climb up the edge then get onto a piece of plywood which was sitting on a garbage can. Then you would have to jump up onto the floor of the tree fort using the beams to help you, but the real fun part was jumping down. Now it was off to the other tree fort her brothers built. This tree fort was in the middle of a bunch of bunkers that her brothers made to play air soft and paintball. This tree fort you climbed a ladder her brothers made out of wood that is about 3 feet high then you step onto a platform. Then you climb up an identical ladder onto the top platform. This whole tree fort was made out of wood. The cool thing about this treefort is that under the top platform is a little tunnel. After that, we rode our bikes through the woods on the paths. That was fun until we ran into the thorn bush.
Soon after that Laurie brought me to her pool. It was the biggest inground pool I had ever seen besides a public pool. After we had looked at her amazing pool, we went inside to wait for my Mom. When my mom arrived, I thanked Laurie and her parents for having me and while I was in the car I thought about why Laurie stood out so much in practice. Maybe it was because she looked nice or because she was a good soccer player. I'm not exactly sure what it was, all I know is that I'm glad that she did because I do not know where I would be right now if it wasn't for her always being there for me. She taught me how to let loose and have more fun with what you have. She was and still is always there to back me up when I'm in a tough situation or need some help with my homework. That is what makes this story so important to me because I know she will always be there for me when times are tough and I hope that she feels the same way.

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