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December 3, 2007
By Anonymous

The world of motocross begins well before you ever see the fresh dirt of a track! It begins with a bike and a dream, the dream acquired from years of maybe living near a track, or just flipping through the channels and a dirt bike catches your eye. No matter how you got the dream it still sets you apart, sets you down a path of excitement and entertainment! Now you must go out and buy a bike, you will have to get safety gear too. Start with the bike, talk to a dealer about right engine size, and your specific attitude towards riding. Try and discover your personal preference of dirt biking, maybe your in it more to free ride, or to race. Once you’ve decided on a bike take it around your property getting a feeling for the clutch and gear timings, throttle response and brake setup. The bike should ride smooth with a snappy throttle, it should feel more like a part of you than a machine. Make sure to have your suspension set for your body weight and height, its critical for the ride and handling you should expect from your bike. Next you’re going to need to find a local practice track. Jumping into a race and irritating current riders could get you boxed in forcing you to ride faster than you’re comfortable with. Start getting a feel for jumping and keeping to a line in a turn. After awhile of practice tracking try and get a practice race set up to get a feel for the racing environment. Maybe try to get current racers involved that you meet at the track or know from elsewhere. Once you think you can handle the race environment try and find an organization that suits you. Figure out how often you would like to race, maybe you like racing 2 days staying over night or maybe just a one day race. It’s all personal preference. Dirt biking can fit almost anyone’s personality .Now that you’ve chosen an organization you’ll be able to get the feeling in the pits on race day. The smell of gas and 2 stroke engines firing up, and the deep roar of 4 stroke bikes get’s everyone pumped and ready to race. Later the sound of around 50 bikes charging for the first bottleneck corner, everyone’s bars banging, then the approach of the first jump, almost a miracle in front of your eyes, the smoothness that the riders carry through the air and then land like a feather and accelerate through the next turn. Motocross is a sport of adrenalin, speed, and endurance. Without even one of those, you will never survive. Every race more than one person is airlifted out, and more driven out. For those who can handle just suck up the pain. Now that you’re in the sport have fun and enjoy it, because it will define a part of your life.

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