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On graduation.

December 8, 2007
By Anonymous

On graduation.
I'm graduating this year from a school and a set of school-mates that I have gone to and known all my life. I've been a student all my life, save five years. School and structure are all that I know. I know how to beat my head against a wall in frustration at my stifled freedom but I don't know what to do with it now. I'm standing on the verge, wavering on the precipice that is the rest of my life.
Looking back, as I'm sure everyone does, I know that I would have changed a lot. I'm happy for the friends and experiences I've made, the memories that I've retained, and the knowledge I've gained but I suppose it's easy to think of yourself as a big fish when you're swimming in tiny pond.
What I mean by this statement is this: I've messed up. The rest of my life is dangling by the thread that is my decisions as a freshmen ans sophomore. I can't get a scholarship because of the grades that I earned.
I just wish I could go back and take myself more seriously.
The hopelessness I feel is overwhelming. I can't get money for college, I can't join the military, and I've still not learned proper work-ethic. I'm dissapointed and beside my self with fury at my inability to have insight.
I also feel a stream of injustice. I think it's unfair for colleges to judge everyone on preformance in their entire high school career. There is a HUGE maturity difference between your freshmen and senior years. By the time I realised what I was doing to the rest of my life, it was too late.
Although this may sound like a sob-story coming from a massive excuse-conjuring slacker, it's not. This artcle is only to serve as an enourmous warning. Even if your thirteen and you think you already know what you want, never doubt your own capriciousness. You might want somthing different and not be able to get it for the mistakes you've made.
And so ends this poorly written warning tale.
Goodnight and goodluck.

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