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This I Believe

December 12, 2007
By Anonymous

This I Believe

Have you ever done something to show your pride? If not then I would love to share some experiences with you; yes you, the reader, the person that makes everything interesting, the big critic, and etc. I believe in standing tall for who you are.

“The unholy dare.” This was a time in my past that I do not like to talk about, but here I am ironically talking about it. Anyway, someone dared me to… let us just say they dared me to do something bad to the local church. Well I was just about to fall into his heretics when I just said “never mind man, this is bad and I’m going home.” Well he would not stop aging me on and on so I just well um hurt him a bit and walked away. In this experience I learned that it is not very hard to fall into temptations and I stood tall in me moral judgment and self righteousness.

All this walking away has made me feel as though I need to talk about my second experience. It was the start of my first practice with the West Jessamine Cross Country team. We were doing what is known as “fart licks” and let me tell you that they are hard, very hard… Well anyway I thought that I was going to be left in the dust and lost in thought. Well turns out I just ran and ran my heart out I did. I beat Zac’s old record on my first lap! And was the coach impressed. Some of the guys were making some pretty good jokes about my speed. Like when they were on the hill they saw black smoke and they knew that I was still running. Well anyway they said something along the lines of “Warren is running up a storm!” I did impress the team and they were glad to have me a part of the 2007 cross country team.
“From running away to running head on!” A couple years back, at my favorite church camp, I had a major battle with satin and myself. I had been baptized before but it just seemed to have faded away. I have done some pretty bad things after this rebirth with the father, and I wanted to have refreshment with our lord and savior. But of all things that loved me, satin did the most; and he was not going to leave me without a fight.
I desperately needed help and I was too shy to come out and seek help from my christen brothers and sisters. So anyway it was the third day of the four nights-five day camp; and everyone noticed at one point or another that I was shyer than I had ever been. Finally on the fourth night my camp dean, Tony, came to me and asked me what I was thinking about… So I told him everything and it was pretty emotional… I had been baptized a few hours after the conversation with Tony.
He helped me stand tall against something that I could have never done by myself. Tony is a priest in the Hurricane, W.V. community about a three hour drive from Lexington, K.Y. but I have bonded with Tony more than anybody in my life from that baptism, he is know like a father figure to me and I can always count on him. So showing pride in who you are is very important.

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