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abuse, deadly and life changing

May 2, 2010
By jessa-lynn PLATINUM, Elyria, Ohio
jessa-lynn PLATINUM, Elyria, Ohio
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what would you say, if i told you
that 2500 children died yearly from some sort of abuse, wether its
physical, sexual, mental, emotinal, all abuse is deadly and can change somone's life forever.
in some cases the abuser does not have the proper knowlage to take care of a child.
physical abuse mainly origanates
from over drastic punishment, or drunkin parents who dont know or mean what there doing.
sexual abuse includes rape, incest,
and illegal pornography, children are often taken from places where parents are not carefully observing there kids and used for sex and porn, and are often found dead or barely alive. over 85% of children who are kidnaped are used foe sexual reasons, and not even 15% ever see there families again.
yes, these are scary statistics.
children who are abused mentaly,
usually grow up with difficult childhoods, if they here there parents fight and call eachother names or parents venting tere anger out on the children can always have some sort of effect on chldren.
emotinal abuse can come from somthing as little as being bullied at school. children these days are hurtful to eachother somtimes with out even thinking about what there doing to that person or who they are hurting.
last year 364 children commited suiside due to some kind of bulling,
think of all the potental......gone because of a few hurtful words.
children need to know that they are all special and are capable of big things and the way that we can help is to let someone know if you know of or see someone being abused or even if you yourself aee a victim of abuse. if someone knows then someone can stop it from happining again. my friend sarah was sexualy abusedfor SEVEN YEARS by her steo dad while her mom worked. her mom didnt know so she couldnt do anything about it, but with the help of the local children services, we put that to an end, nd so can you.
jessaca hughes

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