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childhood obesity

February 8, 2008
By Anonymous

They complain about childhood obesity
“We need to stop this epidemic.”
Still, they feed us horrible lunch during school
Which is probably just as bad if not worse than any fast food place
All because the district is too cheap.
Pull funding from the arts and extra circulars
Let us only learn Math, Science, History and English
“It will help you more in the future.”
Look at actors or actresses,
How much money do they make?
Will we all just be monotone people
working the nine to five with no imagination?
The economy is going down.
Then tell me,
How come we spend millions of dollars on super bowl commercials
that will only last thirty seconds or less?
Global warming;
One person can only do so much.
How can we cut down on driving
If there aren’t any sidewalks?
They talk about,
“Go to school. Get an education.”
Yet, this learning facility has only taught me
how to take a standardized test.
Over half of what I’ve learned
I didn’t learn it at school,
At home, friends, media - not school
The war on Iraq is bad, says the media
I’m half and half, but I must correct
It’s a war on terrorism (not just Iraq)
Blame everything on the president.
I payed attention in U.S. History in eighth grade
Mr. President has to go to congress if he wants a war.
Congress has to give the A-okay before anything happens
They approved.
Why do we have fully qualified scientists not working on a cure for a disease?
Our justice system is corrupt.
If you have the money
pay off the judge, jury, anyone that will get you free
Murder, sexual assault- doesn’t matter
The murderer, the predator, gets out in a year on bond with probation.
Its not enough, never enough.
That person is out on the streets,
The family is afraid he’ll come back.
Its not right
Will it ever be?
Think about it,
There are hardly any nice people out there anymore.
I’m just a sophomore in high school,
Almost sixteen years old,
Not legally an adult.
I’m just a kid, I shouldn’t be concerned about this stuff
Is what they say.
But what happens now,
It affects my future
I have a voice.
I want to be heard.
But no one chooses to listen because I’m just another
“Stupid teenage statistic that doesn’t know what I’m talking about.”
I’m just a kid.
I can’t make much a difference.
But tell me,
Are there any adults that are willing to?

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