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Tender Life

February 24, 2008
By Anonymous

Tender Life

I'm about to be walking on the tight rope, the ground is far below. I am held up by my long tan legs that feel like dough. My palms start to be on pins and needles as I wake up the staples. 1 by 1 I scale the big maple. I try not looking below at my fellow friends. If my climb instructor isn't cautious, this might be the end. I casually try to grab the first rope, using every last ounce of hope. I soon began to drop. My piercing scream is heard by all. The instructor, my only life line, begins to fall UP as I come soaring down. If he hadn’t tightened his grip I would’ve hit the earth. Precariously I get up and grasp how life is extravagance and you have to earn it or you will be taken of it.

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