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What moves US as humans

July 26, 2011
By Skylerteddy BRONZE, Bloomington, Minnesota
Skylerteddy BRONZE, Bloomington, Minnesota
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Live life no regrets cuz sh*t happens but life goes on.

What would we be if it weren't for Nightmares ? Would We still Have our Fears .

If it weren't for Friendship would we still have our Good memories.

What if the world had none of the things we really take granted for in life ?

Can everyone of us say that we were true in all that we do . I Know i cant and I know no one can

It's not for what we make this life of ours tu be its bout what we do with out life that counts .

So please the next time you see someone struggling don't kick them when there down . HElp them stand on their own tu feet and not on all fours likee a dog. no body likees be treated like s*** . Sometimes it easier if we were tu give up . But why give up if you already think that Everyone thinks your GUNNA FAIl then if you fail your proving them RIGHT why prove them Right when you can prove them WRONG !

never allow anyone to stand in your way it what makes us who we are . Never let your self be told that you cant do that . Your always able to do it its just the will of if you have the determination to do it or not .

So let me ask you this . IF it wasn't for the small things we take for granted everyday would we still have the fun of our memories if it wasn't for the small things ? Well no you wouldnt have any of them So respect the fact that Ur never bigger then life because life it self is what you make why make ur self bigger then life when your put here on earth tu enjoy the wonders of our world .... You cant do that if your bigger then life.

The author's comments:
This is jus all random brain flow but im going to Edit it more as I continue to add more to it .

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