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Best friends know me better then i Know myself

July 26, 2011
By Skylerteddy BRONZE, Bloomington, Minnesota
Skylerteddy BRONZE, Bloomington, Minnesota
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How can my best friend know me better then i know myself . You may be asking yourself . Its very sI'mple as a matter of fact .

Your best friend sit back a take a look at the bigger picture while your just looking at a corner of the entire picture . I still cant believe after tens years . We are stilll friends man i knew this guy for most of are life at school .

Jake: Man he Will always be theree to tell me how it is . weathere i like it or not , he tells me how it is . And says whats on his mind . That's what i like about my friends they speak theree minds .

I myself do the same thing i speak whats on my mind no matter I'm very straightforward person

Breezy: She is always there for me even though we hardly hang out anymore i know i can trust her with my life i know that's scary saying that cuz she is a very cruel person on the outside side but deep inside her somewhere is a very great person whom i grew to love . I love you girl .. Never changed your perfect just the way you are . Don't let anyone tell you different !

Genna: She has been theree through the good and the bad along with every one else but you know what she is one that i can honestly I'm proud to say I'm friends with some like her she is so kind and caring . i Love you Genna

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This is all real life Friends

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