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Capital Punishment. God's Will or Cruelty of Man

January 31, 2012
By JakeRyan221 BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
JakeRyan221 BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
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Capital punishment, or the death penalty, has been used since biblical times, specifically during the time of Noah, after the flood, and in medieval times. It has been proven an effective deterrent for future heinous crimes, although much controversy surrounds this issue. Heated arguments have engulfed media; from state governments and officials to the common man. The choice of capital punishment and how it serves and protects citizens is a heated debate. Richard Ford, a journalist from “The Sunday Times”, states in one of his articles that over fifty percent of murderers let out of prison recommit the same or worse felonies than previously committed. If those criminals experienced a fatal punishment, many innocent lives would be saved. Although the act may seem savage, the death penalty has been successful throughout history in almost every society for several reasons; it is a biblical punishment for those who choose to take another’s life and it dissuades others from committing scandalous crimes.
The Old Testament of the Bible thoroughly explains how capital punishment is a just punishment for brutal lawbreakers. One particular verse found in Leviticus states, “And if a man takes the life of any human being, he shall surely be put to death.” (Leviticus 24:17) Moses clearly states with plain and simple terms from God that whoever takes a man’s life, his life shall also be taken. Numbers 35:21 shows consistency with this stance when explaining that whoever strikes a man and kills him, should be put to death. When God was first explaining the Law to humans on earth, he said in Genesis 9:6 that if one is to shed a man’s blood, by man he shall be fatally punished. There are innumerable verses in the bible that support capital punishment. Many of America’s Founding Fathers including Benjamin Franklin, whom some say was an agnostic, looked to biblical truth when forming the foundation of our government and rules we abide by. Franklin declared at the Constitutional Convention in 1787:
“At the beginning of the war, we prayed for Divine Protection. Our Prayers were answered. I have lived a long time. [He was 81 at the time]. The longer I live, the more I can see that God governs in the affairs of man. A sparrow cannot fall without his notice. Can an empire rise without his aid? The book of Psalms assures us that ‘Unless the Lord builds the house, the labor in vain who build it.’ We can build our house in America only with his help. I therefore move that from henceforth on, we begin each session in prayer, asking for assistance and blessing from heaven” (Decision in Philadelphia)
The Bible hasn’t changed and neither should our foundation upon it.
Not only does capital punishment provide just results for a horrific choice, it also dissuades and deters others from committing murder as well. Academic studies at several universities conclude that with every execution, three to eighteen lives are saved. Michael Lawrence killed a robbery victim in 1976. That same year, he was given a life term. Even after his brutal felony, he was paroled 1985. He felt unaccomplished and killed another robbery victim. He was then condemned to death in 1990. A University of Colorado professor of a 2006 study states, “There is a deterring effect. The results are robust.” Although he doesn’t agree with the death penalty, he cannot hide his evidence and research. Capital punishment does deter crime. The state of Texas has the highest rate of executions than any other state. The resumption of executions in 1982 has dramatically declined the average murder rate from seven hundred down to two hundred forty; a seventy percent decrease. Depending on how many lives the killer will take, and if he chooses to or thinks better of it, that’s how many lives will be spared. In a way, fighting fire with fire can cool down the situation.
Capital punishment provides just retribution for a killer and keeps others from following his or her path. Although controversy over capital punishment continues to rise, justice remains. If that justice is handled quickly and definitively, results will prove extraordinary. I would acknowledge that it may look and seem unforgiving, unfeeling and uncompromising to agree with the death penalty, however, one cannot confuse Biblical truth with feelings and concerns. God’s Word can guide us when we do not know a clear direction to turn. If citizens are confused about the right and moral consequence, finding guidance in the Scriptures will always give a clear understanding of what to believe right and wrong on the topic of capital punishment, or for that matter, any other decision of dilemma.

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I've already told you that your other writing is amazing, but this is amazing too. It has so much truth and depth in it. All in all, it's wonderful. I love it. You really have a talent and greatness in you; i hope you know that. Please, continue writing; never give up. Thank you so much, for sharing this!

on Feb. 21 2012 at 8:10 pm
JakeRyan221 BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
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great! thanks for the support! 

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this article is really good. i did one on capital punishment to but after reading this it changed my opinion on capital punishment.