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The Generation of Peace

February 11, 2012
By Sunshine15 PLATINUM, Modi&#39in, Other
Sunshine15 PLATINUM, Modi&#39in, Other
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Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, nothing else ever has. ~Margaret Mead

Every generation on the face of the earth has gone down in the books for something. Whether it’s gone down for being hippies, or rock and roll music lovers, or soldiers in battle, every generation is known for something. When we’re gone, however, what will we be known for? The generation when creativity went down the drain, or when absolute idiocy prevailed? Are we going to be known for being repugnant, revolting human beings among whom the greatest quality is “selfishness”? Are we going to go down in the books as being cynical of one another, as having carelessly allowed our world to be flushed down the gutter?

No, we’re not going to be any of those things. We’re going to go down in the history books as the generation of peace. The generation when all nations stopped raising guns against one another, the generation when hate became a long-forgotten term. We have seen too much in this world, too much pain and too much heartbreak. All of us have lost, and all of us have suffered.
For all of those who still harbor angry and legitimate feelings, I ask you: Where will it get you, where will it get any of us? How will hate and grudges fix your pain? Will keeping inside of you this feeling of contempt really help you overcome your own hurt?

There is only one thing that can fix the problems that have infiltrated our free lives: Peace. Not peace on a paper, not a few peace deals with other countries, but the honest desire for peace that will be resurrected in every human across the face of the earth.

I realize that many of you may be saying: Hippy, naïve, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Maybe I am naïve, and maybe I don’t have a clue what I’m saying. Maybe this “peace” is just a far-fetched dream that will never be obtained.
Or maybe, just maybe, there is a sliver of a chance that peace is a real thing, a realistic dream that can be carried out right here, right now. For just that sliver of a chance, I’m willing to put my life down and I’m willing to bet that our generation will, with all of our help, be the generation of peace.

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