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Stars and Stripes

March 18, 2008
By Anonymous

I am 13. Normally someone like me only cares about himself or herself. Most teens don’t think about their country and its great leaders. They only care about what happens to them, only thinking about what they want and what they need. Never caring about what is going on in the white house or in wherever our brave troops may be. But I actually care about the fate of our wonderful country. One of the things that matters most to me is America. I am so proud to live here in this extraordinary land of the U.S. Thirteen year olds don’t usually care about this stuff. This may sound like a presidential speech, and it should because presidential speeches actually are writing about how much we should care about America. Anyone “normal” would laugh at this essay. But anyone patriotic and caring like me would not.

Soon we will be electing a new president. Many of American Democrats believe that Hilary Clinton is the next great leader for the U.S. But if they were true Americans like me, you would see right through her. She only wants to try and be leader so she can redeem her ex-president husband Bill Clinton. She also wants to have the title of first female president. I am fine with any president except her. But it is the American choice, and I cannot change their opinions. I am not writing this essay to try and criticize Clinton, but it may sound like it because this is what matters to me. Our country is one of the most important things to me right now. I hope we will have a great new leader, because I love America.

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