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What Matters

March 19, 2008
By Anonymous

Can you imagine life being all alone, separate from the rest of the world, rejected and left out? Can you imagine how horrible your life would be with no one there to help you and care for you? Good families are really important and they really matter, no matter who you are or where you are, you need a good family.
I know right now you are all probably thinking a good family isn’t that important, and a good family isn’t what matters, but just stop for a minute and imagine what it would be like growing up with no family. When you were a baby who was there calming you down when you were crying and sad? Who taught you your first words? Who helped you take your first steps? Who helped you learn to ride a bike? Who was there on your first day of school? Who was with you all through elementary, middle and high school? Who was there at your graduation, and at your wedding? A good family would be there through all that. They would help you through all your struggles and never give up on you if they are a good family. What if they weren’t there through all that, what if you had to do that all by yourself? Do you think you and your life would be the same? I sure don’t.
Many criminals today are there because they got caught up with the wrong people who were doing bad and illegal things and their family wasn’t there to pull them out. They weren’t there to help them out and deal with it or they didn’t care. If their family was there to help them and take care of them, I bet a big percent of them wouldn’t be in jail or have done what they did. Most people would think that it doesn’t matter if their family was there or not but you really need to stop and think about it. A fairly big percent of them had family taking care of them, but they led them down the wrong path. You don’t want parents teaching their kids to hate people because of their race or religion because when they are older they will teach their kids to hate also and so on. You don’t want kids growing up being to hate certain people for no good reason do you?
When you see a kid with a family that teaches him to hate others because of their race or religion or they are being neglected, stop and think how much they need a good family.

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