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Many Children Can Say I Am My Own Person, But...

March 25, 2008
By Anonymous

Many children can say I am my own person but if you think about it no one really is. Parents influence their children in numerous ways and are so confident when doing it that the child just picks up their parents beliefs. Kids are like spunges when they are at such young age and whatever omeone tells them or they here they automaticly start believeing it and start preeching it to other children. Parent can say that their child has their own mind and they do but they still follow parent. If a parent has very racial views on diffrent races then the hild is very likely to pick it up. Thats why we all have to think next time before we do something. Next time you are about to make racial sler because you heard a parent say it think "wait should i really be saying this" or"is this person really that diffrent?" If we all obied by this the world will be hopefully a better place for many of todays and tomorrow's youth.

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