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What matters

May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

From the beginning of the school day there are groups and cliques at the lunch tables. There are the punk/ skaters at the chairs chillin and playing music. The weird loners are screaming and playing with toys they built. In the middle of the two, there are the jocks, cool, and popular kids just chillin, doing homework and talking. On the other side of the lunch room, there are the intense couples making out with each other. Sitting right next to them are the five black kids, sitting there not saying much.
When the bell rings everyone gets up and goes to there class. It is much harder to tell what group a person is in when there walking in the hall. It looks like everyone is friends with everyone. Most people have friends in other groups and talk with them like they are in their group. But some people only will talk to people in their group even if they have good friends in other groups. They don’t want kids to laugh at them because they are talking to weird kid. But In the class room it kind of goes back to people in groups if there is no seating chart. The jocks sit by the jocks and the weird kids sit by the weird kids. Theirs no way to stop kids from being in a group. That’s where they feel most comfortable in. When people get out of their groups, they become quiet and shy.
Lunch time comes around and one get to see the groups form. There are the stoners at the chairs, the nonconformist sitting on the floor. The athletic kids playing basketball in the gym. All popular senior girls sit by the popular senior boys. The football players sit by themselves. The Broadway/ musical kids eat by each other and talk about musical stuff and plays. Well the gothic kids talk about killing things. Everyone stays in there own groups because they are afraid what other people are going to say about them. Everyone judges everyone but they don’t tell each other what they think of them. The truth is that most people don’t think people judge others and when they hear something bad about them self they get a fended by it. People need to just not worry what others think and only care about what their friends think. When no one cares what others think everyone will be happier.

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