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May 22, 2012
By Brooke526 GOLD, Republic, Missouri
Brooke526 GOLD, Republic, Missouri
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Do we let our shadows follow us or do we notice that they are there? Do we move forward from the past or let our shadows defy us for the rest of our lives? Will we ever understand our shadows and why we have them? Shadows are a dominating presence or influence that hang over us like a list of every bad thing we have done. Sometimes these shadows come up as a mirrored image or reflection that keep reminding us of what is there. Faces become shadowed with sorrow when something happens, but until this moment many do not notice the shadows that trail behind them. Are shadows just imperfect copies or are they the phantoms and ghost we hide. Some say that a shadow is the darkness that follows a sunset. Does that make the people good and their shadows the bad decisions they made in the past or do these shadows follow people to remind them of everything they have been through or going through so they wont make the same mistakes again.

The author's comments:
I wrote this after thinking about what defines who people are and why they are like they are. I think this proves a good point that everyone has good in them and that they shouldnt let their past defy their success in the future.

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