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The KEy to The NEw World

June 1, 2012
By Skylerteddy BRONZE, Bloomington, Minnesota
Skylerteddy BRONZE, Bloomington, Minnesota
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Our Minds are a Very Powerful tool ! That's if we use it. Most people don't even think for themselves anymore. They are believing what ever we hear. No matter how many signs are telling us otherwise. We all just want something to believe in. But have we put the right faith into the correct person?

United states of America. People see this as a Get to spot for a better life. Heres what They Dont Realize.

Can we honestly say that we have? Do any of you know the real story behind it all? Behind all the mysterious Things that are happening in the world? Can we all just say that its Just Global Warming or even just the Prophecies of the End Of The World ? I'm Starting to think everyone plays a part in The downfall of the world. Here's why I think that.

Because everyone plays a part in what is happening around the world. Like Gas Prices or the Stock Market. Can we honestly say that its just gotten that bad. That everything that Runs our daily lives is slowly crashing into the ground! How do we reverse it or how do we make it Slow down? We all hope for change! But I think we as the people put to much Faith into Change. That we want to believe in something that will most likely never be changed.

Lets be honest. Can we honestly say that we will get our Rainforest back? No matter what we do we can't undo the Damaged already caused. But yet the Government Runs and Controls us. I mean really There making almost everything illegal. We don't have the Freedoms we were Promised. From our Founding Fathers. Everything's going down hill so fast. That we are in a Race to save our Society. The life we all know is Changing Everyday. And we honestly think its for the better? Look around people are blind to see no matter what there will still be Crimes.

So why Must people See The United States Of America as the Land of the Free. We are not really Free we are a Controlled Population. I mean look at it State Governments had a Lock out just last year. I mean what is that? IS it worse then what there telling us. Do they know something and there not telling us?

Do you honestly think we know everything that we need to know? Honestly Can we say the Changes were making are for the better? I mean why cant we Smoke a Simply plant that Grows naturally around the world? I mean why are Drugs called Gateway Drugs? I mean they even Say Mind Alternating Drugs. I mean if there mind alternating drugs then. Is it because it opens more access to use our brains. Because us as humans only use 5% of our brains capabilities? Yes it also Kills your brains cells. But those labels they put on Drugs make you truly Wonder whats going on in the Bigger picture. Im not saying it Should be Legal or not Im just saying. Who put them in Charge to Run our Life. I want to Live my own life. The one I make for myself. Not the one the Government LAys out in front of you.

If people call this Free then I honestly can say that There is no such thing as Freedom. No matter where we are. Just because something looks better and taste better doesn't mean that it is. Some people think The Illuminati is the Secret behind it all. Well if this is True well then either way were still being lied too. We only are told the things that make the news. We don't hear about what we are doing to change it.

We just Simply go on with our everyday lives hoping that Something or Someone will come along and put our Faith into.Others think the End Of The World. The Mayans Predicted it. But is it also possible that there were all Killed out before they Finished making it. Oh wait Lets be Real we'd Rather have Faith in something that we don't even have the true story behind it all. Are Country is Still Very young but Just as we Learned in History. every Great Civilization Rise and Fell with Sun. Is it possible we might be reaching our downfall? Theres so much we dont know about were we all live and call home. Is it possible for us to even see the bigger picture or just the things there telling us.

I'm not Saying America isn't Great at all. At least Everyone wants to come here to start a better life. And Honestly its only because we offer what a lot of other countries don't offer. But at what costs to us?

Christianity what does this have to do with the World? Nothing it has nothing to do with it. but yet were any of us around at the time of the Great Writing of the Bible? Can we honestly say someone just didn't write it and say this is what the Lord told me. This is another one of those things that we believe in based off of what people say. Honestly its another figure we put our faith into for what do we do that for? The Higher power of life is our Very own Minds. Within our own minds we can escape from the slowing ending world and try and find a way to delay the damage already done. Our Minds are the only thing that isn't Controlled but yet we still believe what we have no idea that could be true or Not. What do we do when the Savoir Doesn't come? Then what do we do? What if there's only a Higher power and its not Based off Faith lets be Honest I don't believe in Organized Religion. And that's exactly what it is. We believe what is written in a book. But wait aren't they revised every few years. the question is HOW an WHY !?And By who decides what they add or take out? Are you fools honestly

*Want to believe in Someone believe in Yourself. Because everyone else Tell you Lies. *

Others Look to Astrology for the Answers. The person they look to is Nostradamus. Honestly I would say that Nothing we believe in ever comes true. Look Didn't the Bible Say something about 06-06-2006?

I quote the Bible. " 2006 The year of the Beast". Last time i checked its 2012 People. Who saved us from this so called Beast ! Did it just not get unleashed!? Some people think Nostradamus Followed Satan. Really is everything going Religion based now? I guess there is truly no Truly Great mind out there. We are all are playing a part in believing in the Bible. Because its been around so long people look to that as what will truly happen. but if your Christian shouldn't you be fearing the Coming of the Savoir? Every single one of us are Hell worthy. Because what you failed to see is that if the lord truly did create the earth.

We as humans have the right to take care of it. Have we taken care of it? No we didn't Its worse then before. Everything is slowly coming to a stop. We brutally Murder the precious Earth we live in with the Automobiles that we all drive and yes even Bus riders. Because your still contributing.

Lifes to short to want to believe in. ITs way to short to even think of something that drastic happening. Why must we all have something to believe in. The Bible was wrong the first time in 06-06-2006 and the Devils writer was Wrong in the end of 90's Millennium ( Turning to the 2000's) it was said in Nostradamus Notes. So cant we Just think it's safe to say both Devils and Christs books are Wrong it was proven its still the year 2012 guys ! How many of these END OF THE WORLD Things have we been through? Not a Single one has happened. So it means that this one is the ONE. Okay so your still believing in something that has been proven faulty.

Lets be honest even if the World was in total Devastation. There will always be those few who come out alive. IF we truly evolved from Primates then we all have the Natural instinct of Adaptation. So wouldn't that mean that we will make it Through what ever comes our way unless its an Air born Chemical that kills everyone.

So based off everything do you still believe that there's a Higher Power and its Called our Government. Given everything there the one's that tells us lies hides the truth of it all for what the safety of man kind? I think that's something that i have a right to have a say if we find out or not ! Now look at the Illuminati its Government conspiracies. And it's based from the very people who look at the bigger picture and actually think for themselves. The Illuminati is the Government they hide the best worlds secrets and they keep things from us that really the people should know. So now that it all cleared up.

I can't tell you that you have sit and think about it after reading this but im Saying you will honestly think about it because what im saying has meaning and it was once in the bible. The thing we hold best in life in what We put our Faith into. Choose wisely . This is the key to the New World the world you can only see it as what it truly is when you free your mind and put aside what the books say and look at the bigger picture.

Written by,

Skyler Teddy .TM

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Think you know the Life we all Live Take a closer look .

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