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Thats Just The Kinda Girl I Am

September 16, 2008
By Tana0509 GOLD, Panama City Beach, Florida
Tana0509 GOLD, Panama City Beach, Florida
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its true
the kind of girl i am
im the kind of girl
who gives her man a back massage while he plays his video games
the kind of girl
who hits him back when he punches me in the arm
that same girl
who pays for THEM to go to the movies.

who remembers there birthday
who love to celebrate month anniversaries.

who doesn't kick and scream when they forget to buy me something
im forgiving
im forgetful
im loving
and caring
is that bad?
im the kind of girl
who has expectation of her man.

call me at least one a day
be faithful, don't cheat
don't lie, tell me the truth
sure ill get mad
but i always get over it eventually.

at least attempt to come see me more then once a week
im an understanding girl
and lastly
accept me
no, im not perfect.

if your looking for perfection, you've found the wrong girl.

thats not me, and im proud of it.

but im also typical
i call myself fat.

im a female, we do that.

i get depressed
its called a period boys.

i blow things out of proportion sometimes
im only 16.

just calmly explain it to me
ill understand
if i don't
i have my reasons
but if you yell back
of course im going to get more mad.

i don't expect my man to be "whipped"
i hate it, honestly.

i like it better when they wear the pants
though i try them on sometimes myself.

and as almost every other girl
i like to be called cute, adorable, and beautiful
not sexy, hot, and a nice piece of @$$.

i don't like discrimination against us females.

such as songs that say things that hurt me.

im not making it dramatic, i just think its disgusting.

MY opinion, you don't have to agree with it, just accept the fact that you wont change it.

i like to be supported sometimes, i mean, who doesn't?
i don't want to be alone in a goal im striving for, id rather have someone behind be, rooting me on.

instead of telling me the reasons i shouldn't be trying to loose weight, how about giving me tips to do it

yes i realize you think i look fine, maybe im doing it for myself, not you.

maybe i just want to look better for my OWN self esteem, but i am happy that you think i look amazing, i just may not say that enough i guess.

theres a couple things medically wrong with me
things i cant help
if you cant accept those things, and if you cant handle me, then fine
you don't have to
evidently i didn't mean anything to you to begin with huh?
i believe everyone deserves one chance
at least one

yes, i do dance in the rain.
yes, i do kick and scream playfully when i don't get my way
yes, i can act like a 4-year-old sometimes.

but no, im not naive.

i know when you've screwed up
so don't complain when i "act like i don't trust you"
evidently you give me a reason to
try being more real
maybe ill change my view on you
yes, im a nymph
NO that DOESN'T mean i will have sex with you.

and on that subject
if you man enough to have sex
you'd better be man enough to take care of the consequences if an accident happens.

any boy can make a baby
it takes a man to step up and raise one
if you aint ready to have a baby
you shouldn't be having sex
no, thats not me being a hypocrite, because if i were faced with that decision, i would take care of it in a heartbeat.

but thats besides the point.

yes im a handful, but if he really cared, my man would do anything to ensure my happiness.

im seriously not THAT complicated.

nor am i that hard to live with.

honestly, when im dating someone, im probably the best thing that will happen to them
(until we break up)
but seriously, i pride myself in being highly adaptable
i move in with my mans life-self and blend into the surroundings.

if he likes breakfast
ill make it
if he enjoys long walks
ill walk with him
its just how i am
i don't complain purposely
unless i truly have a reason.

but regardless
im the kind of girl
who tries to be your dream girl
and seeing as your not with me
im apparently failing miserably.

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on Sep. 27 2010 at 6:57 pm
Dragonscribe BRONZE, West Lafayette, Indiana
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"A Person's a Person no Matter how Small"
"A Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet"
"God helps those who help themselves"

I'm glad you won't step aside and allow anyone to mold you into the perfect girlfriend.

It's a nice poem, but correct capitalization and punctuation really would make it look better. Also, and I understand if you totally disagree, it seems a bit long. I don't think most readers want to sit and read a poem of that length that repeats itself in places, myself included.

But nice poem. For the most part, not all of it, I agree with your viewpoint. However, that's not what matters. Write what you feel, not what other people think you should feel.