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Beauty Standards of Women, Today.

May 10, 2022
By _fatimaakber_ SILVER, Lahore, Other
_fatimaakber_ SILVER, Lahore, Other
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Society has problems, people are judging, misunderstanding and criticizing. Today, we have something called ‘beauty standards.’ It’s basically what society depicts people to look like, or the ‘ideal’ body type, looks, personality and features of a human being.

Beauty standards vary from country to country. Place to place. Usually beauty standards are for Women. A guide to how a woman should be. Standards for Women are to be beautiful, be slim, be curvy, tall, fair. They are required to be feminine and wear makeup. They are sent to workout in the gym and be young.

This is the guide for Women. When a woman, for say wears baggy clothes. Is plus sized, darker skin-toned, then society turns away from her. Like shes a misfit. No one wants to not be considered im-perfect or ‘ugly’. They start changing themselves for someone else. Someone who dosen’t even matter to them. 

A woman starts to feel insecure of themselves when they feel like they aren’t perfect enough.


 Beauty standards are wrong because they encourage people, especially women to change their natural bodies to be more like the others around them. It encourages women to use cosmetics and dress up even if they don’t want to. Out of the fear of not being accepted and being ‘beautiful’. So what, if someones curvy, fat, skinny. Black, brown, hispanic or white. So what if a woman dosen’t like the color pink or being too revealing. 

Beauty standards are just a way to make women to feel insecure about themselves for them to be anxious or depressed. For them to not reveal their real selves. 

And the worst thing is, beauty standards are changing constantly. From person to person, people, countries believe different ways a person or woman should present themselves. Which requires a woman to change herself, for what? Just to avoid the harassment and hate she may face from those, for showing her true self. For natural beauty?

Now-a-days, women should be more confident of their body, themselves and whatever they were born with. Something that another may not possess. 


In conclusion, Beauty standards are a method, to lure women, people in to change themselves for the sake of others. For everyone to follow the same tradition and for everyone to be like the other to avoid harassment and hate from society. Beauty standards shouldn’t be a way fro women to dress themselves up and be like. What i’m trying to promote is naturality and self-love for women, globally. To not change themselves for someone else.

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 A short article on women and the beauty standards today.

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