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Key Ingredients to Being a Successful Student

August 6, 2010
By mohoski BRONZE, Hamilton, Other
mohoski BRONZE, Hamilton, Other
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Education is the main link to learning concepts, skills, talents, information, and aspects of life. You need an education to survive in today’s society, to obtain a professional career and to achieve complete self-esteem and personal satisfaction. At the High School level, you are one step away from moving onto making the biggest decisions of your life. You may go off to College or University or right into the work field, but whatever you do you need an education and exceptional marks to match. In order to receive an education and strive to the highest, you need to be a pretty successful student to do so. There are a few key ingredients to being a successful student; achieving decent marks, proper health and fitness levels; having the right personality and the support and love you receive from home, your family and friends in order to complete your journey of success as a student in today’s society.

Achieving decent marks in school and reaching the minimum expectations within the curriculum is a good start to success. You are always going to be looking to maintain and work hard for those marks. If you put forth your best effort and try to at least accomplish the average expectations, then you are well on your way. In many courses, completing homework is sometimes optional. If you want to do well and be familiar with the course material you need to make completing homework a requirement and you need to stay on top of it so that it does not pile up and you become overwhelmed. Some assignments or classroom work may take quite a bit longer than other assignments and work. If you feel that in order to receive a higher mark you need to spend extra time or put in an extra effort to make it top notch, then do it and don’t hold any creativity or effort back. Many times you might find yourself stuck on a question or you may find yourself in a pickle with a problem. If you feel this way, don’t! Teachers and peers are there to help you out, ask for help when needed, you won’t know until you do and you will find that by doing this, you will feel less stress and much more relief. By following these simple solutions you will find that you will be a happier student with top marks. Having soaring marks may not be absolutely necessary, but it will certainly help when you decide to move on with your life and you want to find a job.

Another important factor in being a successful student is having the appropriate level of fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This key ingredient follows Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. You need to achieve the level of Physical Needs before moving up in the Hierarchy. You should have a minimum of three balanced meals a day which include all of the main food groups. You should keep active, whether it is in school sports, organized community activities, volunteering in clubs and organizations or just going on a run with a friend. You should get at least eight hours of sleep a night, to rest your brain and prepare yourself for the next day’s activities whatever they may be. Life causes stress towards you all the time, depending on how you deal with that stress results in how your body filters it. You need to handle stress of work, deadlines, drama, responsibilities in an appropriate way so that it does not affect your body and influences in a negative approach. Good stress can always be given to you by your family and friends such as; rewarding you for good marks, a job well done, a pat on the back and maybe a little bit of pressure every now and then to do good. This type of stress can reflect in a positive way on your body and psychological system, which can help you achieve and push you to strive for even more. To find a balance of good health and fitness, you need to sit on the fence with the thought of work and play; balancing both aspects can lead you to have a very healthy relationship with yourself which will help lead you to success as a student.

Attitude and personality can play a vital role in your success as a student. You should always have a positive attitude towards school and its environment. A successful student would have an attitude set towards motivation, commitment, dedication, teamwork, and determination. You would use these essential qualities towards your school work; going above and beyond the expectations. You would help others with their work in making sure they achieve the best of their ability. You would most likely take on the role of a leader. Having a leadership role within the classroom, school community and outside of school makes you a role model and students look up to you. If you were to fall in a position such as a leader, your self-esteem would build up immensely and because you would be taking on more responsibility and with responsibility comes discipline you would learn to do your finest and be your best at all times of the day. Your personality defines who you are and as a successful student you will adjust your personality to meet the needs of how you want to climb the ladder of success. You want to be a people friendly person, be a kind hearted soul to those around you so your self confidence will build because you will feel comfortable within your school community with friends and instructors looking upon you. Wearing a smile to school every day can make you feel better about yourself and will give you much more confidence in everything you do during your day.

To succeed you need support from as many people that you feel can contribute. Your biggest fans that will always love and support you no matter how well you do in school, sports, the school play, the valedictorian speech or building a home in Haiti, would be your family and friends. If you plan to be successful at school, you need to first have a successful and happy life at home. Your parents and friends should encourage you to do well in school and they should always be there to assist and have your back. Positive reinforcement towards a child/student is much better and healthy than punishment or scolding. If you’re happy at home, that confidence and pride will carry over to school which will eventually lead to success. You should allow your family to get actively involved in the type of sports or clubs you may be interested in so that they can experience the fun and thrill that makes you happy. Happiness and knowledge equal success, if your family has money, it helps but it will not give you complete happiness and intelligence.

The gift of knowledge and happiness are two very important factors in a student’s life. Every student wants to be successful but to reach success you need to remember the key ingredients that will get you there; achieving decent marks, having proper health and fitness levels; encompass the right personality and the love and support you receive from home, your family and friends. Education is a aspect of life and with an education your options are endless!

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The key ingredients to being a successful student - a easy guide to learn from on how to be successful as a student

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on Oct. 30 2022 at 10:59 pm
Jet_Enthusiast, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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hey man thanks for your advice, I kind of have been breezing through Middle School meeting minim grades and skipping work, ill take your advice and strive to be better, again thank you
Sam from PA