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Ingredients of Imperialism

March 14, 2011
By Gettysburg63 PLATINUM, Waukesha, Wisconsin
Gettysburg63 PLATINUM, Waukesha, Wisconsin
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A complete of nearly complete dictator
A strong army

The newest technology

Support from the people
Lands that were once yours usually
A good reason
Pick off the weakest first
Many allies
Few enemies at a time


1. Usually complete or nearly complete military dictator because it has always been the key ingredient whether it was Hannibal, Caesar, or even Hitler. The leaders rise to power must also be quick and ferocious like those three dictators.

2. A strong army is a surely needed ingredient and will follow the dictator to hell and back because for example the Nazis in WWII couldn’t have blitzkrieged Europe in 1939 with just ideas, they needed panzer and tiger tanks, and most importantly the well trained soldiers themselves.

3. A strong navy is a key ingredient and will go hand in hand with the army because if you control the seas you control 70% of Earths surface. The British had this key ingredient to their empire for many centuries

4. To have the newest technology in warfare is also key for imperialism and this ingredient should be combined with both the army and the navy. If the United States didn’t have state of the art repeating rifles and Gatling guns taking Native American lands would have been far more difficult.

5. Support from most people is needed for imperialism and this ingredient will follow the first ingredient directly. In the Spanish-American War the United States we’re seen as liberators to the Cubans and Americans supported us by seeing we were going to give the Cubans democracy.

6. Many imperialistic actions are because the lands nations were trying to acquire were once one of their own. One example of this is the Polish-Soviet War when Russian tried to take back Poland in 1919 after it was given freedom after the signing of the Treaty of Versailles.

7. A good reason to conquer is an always needed ingredient and is one of the first ingredients to be put in. Hannibal’s good reason for conquering Spain was because of the silver mines there so he could fund his campaigns in Italy.

8. Another ingredient which makes imperialism much easier is to pick off the weakest nation first. This direction usually goes with direction number 7. An example of this is Hitler invaded Poland in 1939 and Poland had basically only cavalry to defend itself while Germany invaded with Stuka dive bombers and panzer tanks.

9. It is very good to have many allies if you have a goal for imperialism. One of the reasons WWI ended was because the allies had more men the central powers and could afford to put more men in the meat grinder.

10. Finally the direction added with direction number 9 will be the goal of taking one nation over at a time. The central powers in WWI didn’t follow this ingredient and sent the Zimmerman Telegram to Mexico and because of it eventually went to war with the United States in 1917.

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