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Who would of thought?

April 30, 2009
By Squeaker GOLD, Apopka, Florida
Squeaker GOLD, Apopka, Florida
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Who would think that something this good to happen to me. He treats me so good. Like i should. His lips are soft, his kisses are sweet. His arms are strong, but im not afraid of them. HE is my happy ending to my fairytale. I watched him from afar hoppong and prayin he would notice me. Look at us now, strong. happy and loving. I coun not ask for more. He asked me if i was ready for a ride. Cause he wants it to be my last. Hants to be my love my only. I love him so much. No words could discibe the way we feel for eachother. Evertime i go to say something all i can say is i love you!

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