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My dream to become a teacher

October 6, 2021
By AshleyT05 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
AshleyT05 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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"You can't just come into someone's life make them feel special and then leave." - Kim Taehyung
"Never give up on a dream that you've been chasing almost your whole life." - Park Jimin

         What is a dream? Dreams are created for you to believe and achieve. My dream is to become a teacher. After I graduate high school I would like to get accepted into a college and get my Bachelors degree and then become a teacher.  Then after becoming a teacher I would like to travel the world. When in the process of all this I would like to be happy and enjoy everything I do. And also have fun and be positive. 

         Teachers are people who create new leaders of the world. Teachers don’t like failures so they push you hard so you can achieve. My dream as a teacher is to teach and create good people so our world can be a better place. Being a teacher your job isn’t done until you have taught and helped the students become what they want to become.   Teachers are not there to punish you but are here to help and make school enjoyable. “The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau sometimes poking you with sharp sticks called “truth”- Dan Rather

           There are so many different ways to approach my dream. First, I would like to graduate high school, go to college. Then get my Bachelor's degree and teaching credentials. I would then be trying to find a teaching job as an elementary teacher. Throughout  this process I am not going to rush the progress because I want things to go as planned. I want to plan everything ahead of time so when the time comes things will go more smoothly. During my time in college I am going to get a job so I can have money for other things I need. 


         For me to achieve my dream I would need support from my family and the support from the people who are in the teaching industry or who have had experience. I would like to know what the life of a teacher is like and how they manage time. My parents are my motivation and will support me in whatever I do. My teachers and family will help push me to try hard so I can achieve this goal. “You can only achieve your dreams when you start believing in yourself.”-

        In conclusion, my dream is to become a teacher and travel the world. Helping the students and helping them become what they want and become successful people would make me so proud. Becoming a teacher and going to college would be challenging and stressful but if I concentrate I know and I believe in myself that I can do this. Having a good support system and positive attitude will make my dream happen. “Pursue confidently your dreams of being a teacher.Teach each day as you once imagined you would. Don’t let today's obstacles keep you from yesterday’s dream.” - Robert John Meehan

The author's comments:

I am passionate about my dream of becoming a teacher. 

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