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May 11, 2022
By bmoore2004 BRONZE, Bowling Green, Kentucky
bmoore2004 BRONZE, Bowling Green, Kentucky
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Why is it so important that you make the most out of your life? 

Why is it so important to not waste any time?

We are only given one life, and once your time is up, it’s over. No redos, no second chances. I’m 18, meaning I’m not getting those 18 years back. Did I make the most of those 18 years? I sure hope so. And if not, that is why it is so important that I start making the most out of my life now. The same applies to you. 

You see, us humans have been given a precious gift– a gift given only once. A gift that cannot pause nor rewind, cannot start over nor extend. A gift that affects all others– a gift often taken for granted…

Earth. Earth is beautiful. Earth is our home and home to beauty itself. Another precious gift we often take for granted, she who provides us air and water and food and love and existence. I’m sure you’ve heard of the slim chance that humans should even exist and the slimmer chance that you exist. Let me ask you something, do we treat our earth as if it is the sole cause of our existence, our gift? 

Earth is beautiful. Earth is our home and home to beauty itself. Music, memories, childhoods, animals, souls, spirits, stars, voices, tears. Even so, there’s so much you’ve never seen, yet to be discovered. 

Do you hear the birds chirping? 

The gravel crunching beneath your feet? 

The children laughing? 

Do you feel the grass? 

The sun on your skin, peeking through the windows?

Do you see the garden? 

And the flowers, and the moon? 

Have you seen the rocks?

The running water? 

The joy? 

The feeling of a long hug? 

Do you know what it’s like to trust yourself? It’s beautiful. 

Aren’t you amazed? The clouds; have you ever truly pondered about clouds before? 

Has your soul ever been touched by another? 

Have you ever felt a puppy’s love? 

A child’s joy? 

Have you ever danced? In the rain? 

Cried from happiness? 

Left everything behind? 

Reread your favorite book?

Do you believe in spirits of the earth? Everything has a spirit. The trees, the grass, the rain, Earth herself… These spirits are constantly guiding you along your path.

Have you traveled to see the beauty of the Earth? 

Have you experienced love herself and handed it out freely so? 

I hope you have found a new love and respect for our Earth, but even so, my job would not be done. Another beautiful thing on our beautiful earth is you. 

Humanity is the epitome of wonder and awe. All of it. Together. Divine Oneness dwells in all human souls. We are all connected through creation, as well as connected to our universe. We have lost the love we once held for mankind. Have you ever met a stranger that changed your life? Interactions or occurrences that shook you, or just made you feel like home? That’s their soul touching yours. And there’s 8 billion other souls out there, discounting the souls of animals and nature’s spirits. There’s infinitely many people you haven’t met, all with life stories you’ve never heard nor could ever imagine, not including those who came before you or those who will come after you. 

People and relationships are another gift we take for granted, especially when they are gone. You will lose people you love. And after you lose that first person, hopefully it teaches you to treasure your loved ones while you have them.

There are also times in your life when you’ll feel alone. Being alone is how you discover who you are. Have you ever felt utter sadness? There is beauty in everything, including emotion.

So let me ask you one more time: why is it so important to make the most out of your life and not waste any time? Why do we spend our time hurting others, killing others and our home? Is that really the best use of our time? The right way to treat our gifts? If you hurt another, you are only hurting yourself. 

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Hi, my name is Brady, and I am inspired by inspiring others.

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