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National Grab Some Nuts Day!!

July 15, 2022
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Salty nuts aren't just for Christmas! National Grab Some Nuts Day is on its way, on the 3rd of August! and there's no better time to get out and grab some nuts for yourself. From peanuts and almonds to pistachios, you can find them in a variety of flavours and sizes. They can be enjoyed plain, salted, or seasoned, and are widely consumed as snacks.

A nut is hard to characterize. Though almonds and cashews aren't technically nuts, it's difficult to tell them apart once they're in a container. The same is true for walnuts and peanuts, regardless of the fact that their names include the term "nut." Despite the complications, these nuts, legumes, seeds, and drupes are still included in our everyday meals, and nuts are compressed to make oils, which are employed in many cuisines and also used to manufacture multiple varieties of butter. We're nuts about nuts!

They provide essential healthy fats for our meals, depending on the type. They're particularly high in nutrients and minerals that we might be lacking. They promote overall health by making food tastier when consumed in sufficient quantities. There's really nothing out of the ordinary about it.

If you're in the mood to celebrate this delicious holiday, the following nut-related knowledge is ideal for you to surprise your friends and family.

Hazelnuts were regarded by the ancient Greeks as a cure for respiratory illness and baldness.

According to research, including nuts in our diets daily can help us maintain a healthy weight and guard against chronic illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes.

Hazelnuts are called filberts.

Goobers are often called peanuts.

Walnuts can be used to make a gluten-free crust for anything.

A nut is a typical dry fruit with one or two edible kernels stuffed and enclosed inside a tough shell, and there are plenty of different types of nuts. including:

·        Almonds

·        Brazilian nuts

·        Cashew nut

·        Hazelnuts

·        Macadamias

·        Pecans

·        Pine nuts

·        Pistachios

·        Walnuts


Almonds: A Mediterranean region-based almond tree Almond trees were grown as early as 3000 BC. Almonds are even mentioned as a precious food given as a gift in the first book of the Bible, Genesis. The edible portion of an almond is a seed in which the outer shell and hull coat are usually not consumed. After the almond seed has been extracted, the shells and hulls are extensively employed as livestock feed and cover.

Brazil nuts: Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru's Amazon forest natives Brazil nuts are raw and blanched. Their velvety, creamy mouthfeel with a nutty flavour is renowned. These nuts are abundant in nourishment as well as one of the most effective dietary components of the mineral selenium. Brazil nuts can benefit overall health in a variety of ways, including thyroid gland regulation, inflammation reduction, and support for the cardiovascular, nervous, and immune systems.

Cashew nuts: Just like Brazil nuts, these kidney-shaped cashews are native to Brazil. The cashew nut is derived from the cashew tree, which is widely grown in warm areas across the world. Despite being offered frequently as "raw," cashews are not safe to consume because they contain a chemical called urushiol that is also present in poison ivy. Urushiol is poisonous, and it can cause skin irritation in certain people. The hazardous liquid is removed from cashew nuts during the manufacturing process, and the end product is promoted as "fresh." Cashews commonly referred to as tree nuts and biologically equivalent to them, are actually kernels. They're highly nutritious and beneficial compounds, and they're a simple addition to a wide variety of dishes. Cashews, like many nuts, may benefit overall health. They have been linked to weight loss, improved glycaemic tolerance, and a stronger cardiovascular system.

How to observe Grab Some Nuts Day?

1.     Prepare a handful of your favourite nuts.

2.     Add nuts to your meals for a nutty and crispy taste.

3.     Share your thoughts, knowledge, and the way that you celebrated your national Grab Some Nuts Day on social media.

What to make to celebrate 'Grab Some Nuts' Day

1.     Carrot cake or walnut pie.

2.     Absolutely almond cake

3.     Pistachio and ham salad.

4.     Hazelnut parfait

5.     Raw nut butter

6.     Florentine slab

7.     Chocolate and pistachio tiffin

8.     Sultana butter tarts

Celebrate this amazing, crunchy day with your family and loved ones! but some nuts are toxic for dogs and cats because they contain high fat and sometimes may cause pancreatitis.

Don’t forget to share a nut with a squirrel!

Have a great national grab some nuts day!!



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