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I Dare to Conform

June 13, 2009
By withoutamuse DIAMOND, Dewey, Oklahoma
withoutamuse DIAMOND, Dewey, Oklahoma
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I dare to conform. I met him at a debate tournament. It was cold outside. It was unorganized inside. I wasn't winning, but it was a fun, though exhausting, night. My first impression of him was merely one of two making up a pair of nice boys who I could charm, and hopefully, easily take by surprise. I remember what I was wearing. I remember that I won. I did not remember him past that night. The state tournament rolled around and I was the girl in the red dress. He approached me and I subtly.... blew him off. (I've always had a bit of an attitude.) I lived and I lied and I "loved" and forgot all about some.... boy. No, he can never claimed to have had me at hello. Fast forward: Valentine's Day 2009 and I, am not celebrating. I'm at a debate tournament. And who do I meet? Why, that same 'ole boy. He hooked me with a, "Do you think intellectual recall is sufficient ground for intelligence?" I was in stripes. He was in black. We sat in a booth discussing philosophy and religion. I was sarcastic and he was mischievious... a perfect match. Two hours passed, two short enjoyable hours. We explored each other's minds- playgrounds never before opened to the public. He was intelligent and I was running to keep up. A week later and we found ourselves together again, another tournament, and this time... he came to see me. A sign. Oh, how I liked this boy. Two weeks of waiting and we were finally in one another's arms. And the rest.... is history. Week one, now week seven, and we're still strangers and best friends. He doesn't bring out the best in me, he IS the best in me. We are young. We are in love. Every day we grow stronger... every moment we're apart grows longer... Yes, I dare to conform, for love. For HIS love, I would do everything and more. He was the air I was looking for. And... I am his love. No, he never had me at hello, but he will have me until goodbye.

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