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The Rant of Labels and Teenagers.

July 1, 2009
By readingredhead33 SILVER, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
readingredhead33 SILVER, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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A few days ago I got a bunch of hand-me-downs from my step-cousins. I went through all their clothes, and I started thinking...
My "cousins" had a lot of stuff from Hollister, American Eagle, and Abercrombie. They had other stuff too, but besides the point. When I was done looking at all the clothes, I saw that most of the clothes that I liked, were indeed from those brand name stores.

And at that moment, I felt so, so, teenagery I guess. I always thought that it really didn't matter what kind of clothes you wore, they were all the same except some had their names plastered on the front of the shirt. But as I tried on these clothes, I felt like such a hypocrite. I never wore much of those kind of clothes before, first off I never knew where to even find the stores, but I still didn't care what I wore.

So then that really got me thinking...why are Hollister, A&E, and Abercrombie such a big deal? Why does everyone make such a big deal about wearing them and what the stores look like or what they smell like? I don't get it! Maybe I'm missing something, I don't know.

One memory dealing with this really sticks out, I was going into our school library when I was in 7Th grade. I was wearing one of my favorite shirts, a green sweater type thing, I really don't know what it was. So I walk in and there is someone I know standing there and she looks at me and theres this weird look on her face, and she says,

"Katie! I didn't know you wear Abercrombie!" I was confused for a second. And I look down at my shirt, still not getting why it matters that I'm wearing Abercrombie. I've worn this shirt many times, and I've never noticed that it was so important, but out of nowhere my classmate is SO SURPRISED that I'm wearing this. Whats the big deal?! BIG FRICKIN WHOOP.

But nevertheless, everybody around me wearing Hollister and what not, had an impression on me. When I went to Ocean City, my Mom and me went to the outlets. This ws the first time I ever saw these famous brand-name clothes store. And when I saw all these stores, I wanted to go in.
But the one I really wanted to in was Abercrombie, only because two of my favorite shirts were from that store.

So as I shopped around, I couldn't shake that feeling of me being just like everyone else. I was excited to go in the store. And as I looked around, it felt great to know that I would soon own my own Abercrombie stuff.

I was like every other teenager in my school. Obsessed with labels.

So my message to my fellow teenagers, I hope your not like me or people at my school. People who are obsessed with those stupid brand names. I hope your a good kind of teenager, the kind that don't care or just care less about what you wear. I salute you.

Really people, get a life. Who cares about labels?

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